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Custom-Made Office Furniture and Chairs
Create a unique workspace with our custom-made office furniture and chairs.
What we offer
  • Customization for any request: We create furniture and chairs that fully meet your design, style, and functionality requirements.
  • Personalized solutions: Each piece is designed considering the specifics of your office, from material selection to final finishing.
Treejar Trading
How it works
  • Consultation: Discuss your needs and preferences with our designers and specialists.
  • Designing: Create sketches and 3D models of the future furniture for approval.
  • Material Selection: Choose high-quality materials that match your style and budget.
  • Production: Manufacture the furniture at our own facilities using modern technologies.
  • Delivery and Installation: Quick and careful delivery and installation of the furniture in your office.
Why choose custom-made furniture
  • Uniqueness: Furniture created specifically for your office highlights the individuality of your brand.
  • Ergonomics: We consider all aspects of comfort and health for your employees.
  • Quality: Use of the best materials and advanced manufacturing technologies.
  • Functionality: Furniture that perfectly fits your office and supports productive work.
The duration of the customization process depends on the designs and quantity of the order. For mid-range orders, the production and installation typically take around 12 to 15 days.
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